A day on the Bay with Devin and Ruth

Well, we finally got to show the boat to Devin and Ruth, and not a minute too soon! With just over a week to go before our departure, they were able to clear a slot in their busy schedule (2 kids, and another on the way!) to join us for lunch and a sail on the bay.

Arriving about 1:00 pm, they provided a wonderful greek lunch, which we all ate in the cockpit of Rhapsody as we chatted about the boat, the trip, and as is always the case with D&R, the philosophy of life in general.

Then, at about 2:00 pm we started up the motor and headed out into the bay. We put the sails up in a light breeze, and made our way downwind towards the Coronado bridge. As we got nearer the city, we were able to do more of a reach and picked up a little speed.

Devin took the helm as we headed under the bridge at about 6 knots. He seemed to be having fun and was fully "getting it" about why we were in love with sailing and what the trip was going to be like. About a mile past the bridge, we did a perfect tack to reverse course and head back to the marina.

Devin and Ruth took a few minutes to go and sit on the bow and just enjoy the voyage. On the way back we crossed paths with In-Cahoots a boat that will be joining us on the southward Baja-Ha-Ha. We were able to snap a few photos of them under sail (always something a boat owner wants as it's hard to get photos of your own boat under sail).

Finally about 4:30 we put away the sails and motored back into the marina, where, as luck would have it, I did one of my only near-perfect jobs of backing the boat into the slip. All in all, a very nice sail.