Bay Sail with Marc Attinasi, Ron Groth, and Ron Artigues

Had a nice sail on San Diego Bay, out to Buoy 3 or so, and back with friends from Intuit, Marc Attinasi, Ron Groth, and Ron Artigues. Not a lot to report ... no storms, no waves, no pirates ... just a nice day out on the water with some good friends.

As we sailed out, Ron Groth got honors for top speed, as Rhapsody hit something like 8.6 knots under his watch. Everyone got to try the helm as we tacked a few times, hove to for lunch, and sailed back in. Marc seemed particularly to enjoy it as it was his first time sailing. We hove to for lunch and sailed back into the bay on a lazy reach before putting the sails away and finally motoring back into the marina.