Get Fuel and move to SF Yacht Club before leaving SF Bay

We took a day off and did some shopping and sightseeing around S.F. We also took the time to monitor the weather reports, check the tide tables, and formulate a strategy for leaving S.F. Bay.

On Tuesday, 7/11, we needed fuel for our voyage south, and the closest fuel was at Gashouse Cove. As it turned out, there were also slips available in the West SF Yacht Harbor, which saves us two hours on the way out, so we took a slip there. It was very windy on the way over here with 25 knots steady and gusts over 30. Yikes.

and we're planning on going south tonight!

As I'm writing this, we're waiting for the winds to die down as we are hoping to leave tonight at 1:00 a.m. on the slack tide.

Images of the Palace of Beaux Arts

We've had a great time here in SF bay, but I'm looking forward to getting back to someplace where there are occasionally days without small craft advisories !!

Final Images of San Francisco