Back to Pier40 and dinner with Jack and Judy

After our time on Angel Island, we made our way back to the now familiar South Beach Harbor at Pier 40 where I was to meet up with an old friend. I hadn't seen Jack since we both worked at SPI nearly 20 years ago (closer to 20 than 15 but we never did get the math just right). I'd gotten Jack's email address from another old friend, Tom.

Turns out that only nine days before our arrival Jack had married Judy. Tom had been ordained in the Universal Life Church to perform the Ceremony. I explained to Tom that I knew Judy, slightly, before Jack met her (they were roomates when I first moved to San Diego, 28 years ago). As fate would have it, she was going to Cal-Tech and came over to Chris' house for some of our wild parties with Lively Live back in my college days at UCLA!

So anyway, Jack and Judy stopped by the boat and got a chance to see Mandala, and then Jack ferried us in his Toyota Prius (!) upto Bernal Heights to see his house, particularly the basement in progress. He told us about the slight problem he discovered when he found that his house, purchased some two years ago, appears to be 3 feet over the property line! I'm sure he, his neighbor, and all the lawyers will get it sorted out :-)

After visiting his house, we went out for a nice Thai dinner in the neighborhood, everyone enjoying the food and talk very much and all too soon it was time to part ways again, as they had early appointments the next day (Monday). After taking us back to the boat, I extracted a promise from Jack to stay in touch, which I'm sure we will ...