Around Catalina - North End and Cat Harbor

On Monday we had another wonderful sail as we left out of Isthmus Harbor at about 9:00 am, and made our way around the north tip of the island. The geology was absolutely stunning, with layered granite and sandstone cliffs rising out of the water. It was an easy six hour sail to the other side of the island where we pulled into Cat Harbor and dropped anchor.

We spent Monday night in Cat Harbor under anchor. I was nervous about the swinging room (I'm a newbie!), but everything was cool we swang around in a complete circle above our 120' of chain and anchor in 35' or so of water.

I tried a little fishing with no luck :-) and we took the dinghy into shore and walked the 1/2 mile across back to Isthmus Harbor where we had a few drinks at the same (only) restauarant we had dinner the night before.

On the return trip to Mandala, we motored the dinghy around her and took a bunch of pictures of her at anchor.

Approaching Cat Harbor
Walk to Isthmus
More pictures of Mandala