to Chula Vista and Anthony's

Around 12:00 we sailed down to Chula Vista, where we almost got stuck in the harbor at low tide!

We sailed liesurely back to the Coronado bridge till sunset under watchful Navy eyes, past the 32nd Street Facility.

Then we motored thru the bay as the city twinkled in the dark at 7:00 pm, to Anthony\'s, there by the Star of India, where we docked right under the boardwalk, right in front of the tourists out for Sunday Night. We walked up the "boaters-only" gangplank to their take-out window and ate lobster burritos as a cruise liner about 300 ft from Mandala got underway with 3 loud blasts.

After our burritos we motored back to our slip (another hour or so) and parked about 8:30 p.m. We were the about the only craft on the water.

It was great !