San Diego Bay w/PK, and Ashley

Had a nice sail with PK and Ashley under the Coronado Bridge. Many boats were out in the bay and it was a really nice day. We did about 4 knots on the downwind leg, going wing and wing and practicing gybing back and forth, and then picked up speed on the way back getting 7.5+ knots as we tacked our way home.

We had a mishap, corrected under sail, when the traveler pully parted and I fixed it temporarily using some baling wire in place of a circular cotter pin. The rest of the sail was uneventful and we did a really good job of folding the mainsail when it was time to be lowered!

Everyone had a good time, tho I was tired from the hard Sunday, and PK had a cut on his finger that prevented him from handling the lines very much. Ashley got to take the tiller and took a number of pictures of the trip which I will put on this page as they become available.